Sunday, October 10, 2010

Best Fun Jokes Collection

There was a cop on his horse waiting 2 cross d road when a little boy on
his new shiny bike stopped beside him.

''Nice bike,'' d cop said, ''did Santa bring it 2 u?''

''Yep,'' d little boy said, ''he sure did!''

d cop looked at d bike n while handing d boy a $20 ticket he said,
''Next year, tell Santa 2 put a license plate on d back of it.''

2 go along with d cop, the little boy said, ‘‘nice horse u got their sir,
did Santa bring it 2 u?'' ''Yes, He sure did,'' said d cop.

d little boy looked up at d cop n said, ''Next ar tell Santa 2 put
the dick underneath d horse instead of on top.''

Best Fun Jokes Collection

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